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We want you to enjoy travelling with us.

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From the moment you plan your travel to the time you finish it, we want travelling with us to be a pleasure. We believe that a number of factors help to make your journey a pleasant experience and we set standards against each of these factors.

Our Passenger's Charter sets out our commitments to you so that you can judge us against our promises. We intend to provide the best possible standard of service to you so if at any time you are not satisfied with the service we provide, please contact us with your thoughts.

Here's a summary of what we aim to provide:

  • a convenient and reliable service for planning your journey
  • convenient facilities for buying tickets
  • a welcoming and efficient customer service team on our trains
  • a reliable train service which is on time
  • clean trains and stations
  • a safe environment at stations and on our trains
  • a seat on our trains if you reserve one beforehand
  • a fair outcome when things go wrong

The Passenger's Charter sets out:

  • our standards
  • how we measure the standards against our actual performance and then publish the results
  • how we look after you during your journey
  • how we look after you and make amends when things go wrong
  • how we work with others in the National Rail industry
  • how to contact us

If you have any comments, ideas or complaints about any of our facilities, we offer a number of ways of getting in touch:

View our full Passenger's Charter

Download the Passenger's Charter PDF

Monitoring performance

Working with Network Rail, we continually aim to make our train services morereliable and run on time. We monitor all our services every day to check that we are achieving this aim.

The standard measure used throughout the rail industry in Great Britain is the Public Performance Measure (PPM). This is a combined measure of how many trains timetabled to operate have run throughout the entire route and calling points and how many have arrived at their final destination within ten minutes of their advertised time.

Our Public Performance Measure from Sunday 13 December 2015 to Saturday 9 January 2016 was 88.8%.

Passenger information during disruption

We appreciate that a delay to your train is always frustrating, whether you are waiting at a station or already on board. Our staff are trained to identify and sort out any problems you experience as a result of a delay to your train. We will always do our best to let you know about any delays as they arise before you board the train.

To view our commitment to the ATOC Code of Practice on Passenger Information During Disruption please click here.

National Conditions of Travel

Find out more about your rights and responsibilities when travelling on the National Rail network.

Download the National Conditions of Travel PDF

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